Take the first step to becoming a TOP Real Estate Agent, Broker or Real Estate Investor.

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Take the first step to becoming a TOP Real Estate Agent, Broker or Real Estate Investor.

The cloud-based data we gather, process and refine using our innovative cutting edge technology enables us to perform searches in all areas and counties around the US. We will never limit our customers to a certain zip code and will always encourage you to reach for more!

With our  new software we have access to new leads  2-3 months before being public, which gives us a huge advantage to address and motivate the sellers before competition does.

Simple! Our innovative software pulls out all public data from your county and surrounding counties, divides it into categories and provides Real Estate Agents with useful information for business growth.

Rather than buying a property to live in, you can purchase a house as a Real Estate investment. Our team will guide you along the way, with the main purpose of purchasing low and selling high.

At American Cloud, we let you search areas via zip codes, cities or counties that best fits the business plan you have in mind and we provide you with over 100 different criteria to help you consider them a Listing Lead. See our winning solution List it Leads (www. listitleads) for more details.

Apart from access to our innovative software system, we also provide you with personalized action driven letters directed to the motivated sellers. We print your personalized letters, we fold and stuff them into professionally designed envelopes, we place a first-class stamp on the envelope, and we drop them off at the post office all within 48 hours to save you from these costs.

We have the experience and knowledge to match customers with specialists, so that the coach that suits you and your business is the one that will help you become a Top Real Estate Agent.

Nowadays the security of personal data is more and more important, so we focused a lot on that when we made our winning software. Privacy is top priority. This software solution gives you access to a private and totally secure database of real estate leads.

Using our winning method for accessing leads in the real estate market, we guarantee you will sign at least 1 deal after a period of 90 days since joining our program, or you can get your money back, no questions asked!

First step you need to do is get in touch with us. Our team of professionals in the Real Estate market will teach and guide you along the way, providing you with top information and tools you need in order to succeed.